DERIV- Boom and Crash strategies

 DERIV- Boom and Crash strategies

Boom and crash strategies

Deriv is leading trading platform of the world and since last 20 years its working and it is well known as the name of Binary now the name has been changed as DERIV.



So, what is important and good benefits in Deriv compare to other brokers, the first and best is it working 24/7 now break of Saturday and Sunday , normally other brokers and the forex markets are close for Saturday and Sunday, but Deriv is live.


Deriv is simple, flexible and reliable compare to other brokers you can trade forex, synthetics, stocks and indices, cryptocurrencies and commodities


Deriv provides three types of trading one CFDs second Multipliers and third one is Options.


So, here almost peoples who are searching for best strategies to earn from Deriv, because derives Boom & Crash pairs are working on Spike basis so its very simple and easy compare to other way of trades.


How to catch spike?

Catching spike is not easy in Deriv but not so much hard if you have technical and fundamentals knowledge you can easily kill the markets.

We highly suggest you to stay and focus only one pair from Deriv synthetics and focus and learn about it firstly practice on demo account at least three months thereafter you can turn into real account.

Most of traders does not follow the demo rules and after using two to three days they directly started on real account and they are blowing their accounts.

Make sure the trading is not easy its hard but if you have knowledge and you have spend  time on market definitely you can win the trades.

In Deriv to catch spikes we highly suggest you to first practice on one pair example choose CRASH-1000 and stay and practice on it for three months and know him  properly that how he works, and yes most of time its respect price action most of time spikes comes on support and resistance places, so follow the same and make in your mind that Deriv has this man made market sometimes they manipulate the markets, so be careful while trading.



Does Deriv gave withdrawals instantly?

Don’t worry for withdrawals, first of all make your assists, for withdrawal process, Deriv is on the best brokers they never stop your withdrawals requests.


Recommended pair for trading on Deriv?

First of all as we always informed you that focus on any single pair and practice on it, but as per our experience we highly recommend you to work on Volatility 75 pair with minimum lot size.


Does Deriv P2P is safe?

Definitely the Deriv’s P2P programe is one the best and safe and fast , simple create your add if you want to sell your USD and you can also buy from it, and all the deals are instant and you can get your money from your local banks.


Boom and Crash V/S Forex trading?

Forex market is big market of the world as you all know and the Deriv is just broker and he also provides forex services but Deriv has created his own market just to facilitates traders to trade on Saturday and Sunday as the man forex markets are closed on the holiday,  well if you have skills in forex , difinetly you can earn handsome amount from Deriv’s pairs, all depend on your hard work.



Hope you get your answers and if you have any other query kindly inbox us.




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