How to increase typing speed in short time | 4 Best Ways to increase typing speed


How to increase typing speed in short time

How to increase typing speed in short time

There are huge benefits of typing speed if you have a fast-typing speed, you can save your time and through typing speed, you can reduce your mental and physical fatigue as well as you can earn money by working as fast typist and much more.


Today in this article I will completely guide you on how you can personally improve your typing speed.

 I am also a typist and I have around 100 words per minute speed in typing and according to Google, you need to be at around 80 words per minute to qualify for a good typist.


Improving typing speed is very important at this time, because we are now connected with mobile phones and computers every time and it is good to have a fast typing speed to save time.  

Commonly to impress the people fast typing is also good and important.

Like when people see me typing at work, you know, I work as a Typist in Judicial department, in case you didn't know, the single biggest compliment I've ever gotten through my two years of being a Typist in Judicial department is that wow, you type really fast.

Maybe that's not the kind of compliment I want when I'm a typist, but still, it's nice to hear.

And everyone is always so impressed, like, Oh my god, where did you learn to type like, Well, you know, misspent youth.

And they always like, oh, haha, very funny. As you know life of human is converting to computer & technologies nowadays, So having knowledge of computer and having good speed in computer typing is also important for that.

If you have a computer in your home and you have any task to complete it in a short time, then what you will do, if you don’t  have typing speed, definitely you will get help from any other typist to complete the task.

It's not just for typing heavy things like typing essays. And whatever you do for work.

 It's also just in general, in terms of interacting with a web browser and going on websites and sending messages to friends, all of that stuff becomes quicker, and therefore we become more productive, when we can type faster.


Because when you're writing something like a blog post, or any another project assignment, or a news story of essay, or even a script for a video, when you're writing anything, the first draft should always be jhakas without really stopping to think about it very much.

Let's now go best ways, actionable ways that you can improve your typing speed.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

So, step one involves learning some keyboard shortcuts for fixing mistakes.

And if you don't know these already, these are the absolute most beneficial.

For example you are tying in a word file, and you typed “how to get mone from internet”

how to increase typing speed in short time

 So, you have typed mistakenly wrong spell of money , and then definitely you will use “Backspace” many time to correct the same.

So, it mean you don’t have shortcuts information, because through “CTRL” + “Backspace” you can delete the word which you have mistakenly typed and it is actually absolutely revolutionary.

So that just changes the game completely, because now you're not pressing backspace multiple times to delete mistakes, you're doing option, Backspace, or Ctrl, Backspace, and then you more efficiently fixing mistakes as you go along.

The other really useful keyboard shortcut, which is on Mac “Apple”, but not on Windows is command Backspace to delete an entire line.

Discover Websites for online Typing Practice

For improving your typing speed is by discovering websites, there are many websites are available, through that you can improve your typing speed

Here is a list of top websites for online typing speed

And many more websites are available you can practice on it and you can increase your typing speed .

And if you don’t have internet access and wants to practice through offline, you can download the offline typing application like Typing Master, Typesy & typingclub and many others.

Manual Typing

It is pretty good to start as a beginner from manual typing, through typing machine.

If you have a computer and a typing machine, I probably recommend you to start typing on your typing machine , because it is much better from computer keyboard.

The keys of the typing machines are very hard compared to common computers keyboard, so its help you to type hard and when you will type on computer keyboard, definitely you speed will auto increase.


Join typing Institute

Why I recommend you to join typing institute, because it is my self-experience, I have get more knowledge and improvement from an institute of typing.

The one of the best and big benefit of the learning typing on an institute is weekly typing tests.

Almost all the institutions of typing are getting weekly tests of typing from students, So, through weekly test and under the supervision of senior teachers and typists you can improve your typing speed and through the competition you will work hard to increase your typing speed.

If you are living in Pakistan the big benefit of the typing is getting government job, because in Pakistan, getting job on merit is very high risk, but if you have typing skill, you will definitely get a government job easily.

As you know on every Sunday in newspapers we saw many advertisement are available and on almost every newspapers there are five to ten jobs related to typing are available.

So, it means you can get government jobs easily.

But if you don’t interest to get government job, don’t worry if you have typing skills, you can work online from your home.

Yes many freelancing websites are looking for typist to work online they are hiring typing and assigned big projects.

If you have typing you can work from your home without getting job from outside.



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