How to change password on jazz 4g device | How can I login to jazz wifi


How to change Password on Jazz 4G Device | How can I login to Jazz wifi

How to change password on jazz 4g device

Are you using a Jazz 4G wifi device and you actually don’t know how to change password & login to your Jazz 4G Device?

The method is very simple and easy just follow the following instructions.

Jazz offers 4G devices for his valuable customers, just to facilitated them to enjoy the fast speed of the internet.

In Jazz 4G Device you will get a device along with data SIM with free one month internet.

Through Jazz 4G Device you can connect ten devices at a time and can avail best internet experience.

Jazz 4G device is perfect to use and the design of the device is also cool and small you can easily pick it.

The battery backup of the 4G Device is too good.

Most of the users are in confusion while using 4G device, because they want to change the password and want to access it easily.

Hope you will find your solution from here check the details below.

First of all open your browser and type jazz.wifi and press enter

jazz 4g device login


The main page of Jazz wifi will be open

jazz 4g login

Now press the login button 

Now the a login box will be open 

jazz 4g login

Here is confusion to everyone how to check login detail and password So, don’t worry see the following short video clip.

So it is very simple and easy and make sure while login in the user name for all new devices is  “Admin”
User NAME:  A D M I N

And the password is given under the device you can remove cover of the device and can see the password.

You can easily login and avail the services of Jazz 4G.

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