How to verify identity on Bibnance- Easy way to verify account on Binance in Pakistan


How to verify identity on Bianance- Easy way to verify account on Binanace in Pakistan

 Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the World, it spans an entire ecosystem. Binanace spreading freedom of money & building infrastructure for blockchain ecosystem.

Registration on Binance is very simple and easy , you can create your account through your Email address, and the security verification system for users is very strong, there are very low chances of hacking.

 Binanace is one of the best and famous cryptocurrency exchange in world.

There is problem with the Binanace users of Pakistan, they are facing problem while verifying the identity on Binance, and the verification system is little bit hard nowadays, because Binanace making more secure and joining all the real and genuine users in their websites as well as mobile application.

Here is question is rising and most searching about how to verify the identity quickly in Pakistan.


Verify Identity on Binance in Pakistan

If you are living in Pakistan, and you have created account on Binance, and you are facing difficulties to verify the same, make sure if you have a CNIC (National Identity Card) in Urdu language, you can not verify the same, because nowadays Binance not accepting the ID card in any regional language.


So, the simple and easy solution for verification on Binance is use English CNIC, here is both options.

Correct CNIC 


Invalid/Not allowed CNIC 

How to verify Address on Binance in Pakistan

Procedure for the verification of “Address” on binance is very easy compare to verify identity, you just need to upload the utility bill of any (Electricity, GAS, Telephone)



Step by Step Guide about how to Verify Identity on Binance


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  1. You I have to change my urdu ID card and get an English one and you say "there is a simple solution , use English OD card" you think changing ID card is a joke


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