How to get ntn number for salaried person


How to get ntn number for salaried person

To get your National Tax Number (NTN) from FBR. The process is easy these days. You do not have to go to the Federal Board of Revenue office to get your national tax number.


If your salary is part of the available salary then you have to get NTN from FBR. As long as your income is Rs. 600,000 (six lac) per year, you are liable to pay annual income tax. Follow the steps below.

NTN for Government Employees

To get NTN number for government employed/salaried persons, just follow the simple steps given below

  • CNIC Copy
  • Copy of bill of electricity, GAS, PTCL & others (three months old)
  • Recent pay slip
  • Contact Numbers
  • Public Tax Number of employers.

To get NTN as salaried person, you need to create an account of the official website of Federal Board of Revenue, the process for creating an account is very simple and easy, you can create it quickly.

Step No.01

Open the link given below

And follow the instructions and fill the form completely by entering personal data.

Step No.02.

After filling the form, simply submit it, your account will be created and a pin code will be provided by FBR to you through SMS.

Step No.03.

After singing up ,go to sing in option and fill the details given by FBR.



NTN for Business

If you  are a businessman,and you want to NTN for business, simply follow the instructions

Documents required for NTN Registration

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of as of late took care of power bill of business area
  • Clear business letter head
  • Property papers or rental agreement
  • Contact numbers
  • Nature of Business.



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