How much Uber Pays to Drivers in Pakistan


How much Uber Pays to Drivers in Pakistan

Are you looking to work as Driver in “Uber” or you looking to adjust your car (vehicle) in Uber Pakistan,  if yes, than you are on right place, today we will guide you all about uber Pakistan payments, make sure if you have your own vehicle (car).

It is one of the best option  for you, because working as driver in Uber is sometimes difficult compare to owner of a car, and Uber also provides facility to fix your car in uber and work as Uber driver in your own car, you can make money through your saving time.

Mean if you a employee and you are going office daily, and you are alone in your car, you can pick and drop the customers of uber in your car, by registering yourself in Uber, it is much better for you, you can imagine that you are giving lift to others.

 it is very best option and facility of Uber, you can earn decent money through it, and if sometimes you tired or not feeling well you can not drive , (make sure only payment will be paid for pick & drop to customers ), So, it mean there is good part time job for you,


If you are motorcycle, than you can also registered it, in Ubber, and if you have any other vehicle, then also you can registered yourself,

Now the question is How much Uber pays to Driver in Pakistan,  So, it quit difficult, and different compare to other driver jobs,  the first priority of the Uber is to settled car (vehicle) owners as driver, but some times owner of the cars registered their vehicles in Uber, in that condition Uber hire other drivers on monthly salary, the salary of the driver is around Rs.15000/- to Rs.25000/-, it is depend on the driver’s experience, and service to customers.



Appointment of driver in Uber?

Uber always gave preference to the locality peoples, to hire as driver, because the salary package is not much good, to higher any out siders,  most of time many drivers are appointed through senior drivers ,and the selecting of a driver in Uber is little bit hard because the terms and conditions of the Uber is hard, the main focus of the company is to hire a driver whom have good communication skills, grip in driving and complete knowledge of city routes, they declined the drivers, who are bad in communication and they don’t know the road routes,  the driving license is important for drivers and they require minimum two years of driving experience.


Uber Car and bike service benefits.

Uber launched pick and drop service in Pakistan, just to help the travels to reach their ways in short time, as you know in Pakistan, there is big problem of Traffic, and going to office from home it takes many hours, in local buses and Rikshaws, Uber launched its service to benefit the citizens of Pakistan, to help them to reach their ways easily and quickly, Uber also provide facility to those who have their own Car or bike, they are can registered themselves in Uber, and they can make money to pick and drop the customers, the Uber¸ work through the technology of GPS, and they are provide a Android mobile phone and device to all their respective drivers, just to make more helpful and easy in this current digital world.



This information is given from the Ex-Driver of Uber. 


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