How to download Urdu/Sindhi Keyboard for PC- Sindh Keyboard 2021- Urdu keyboard for PC 2021


How to download Urdu/Sindhi Keyboard for PC- Sindh Keyboard 2021

If you are have knowledge and skill of Urdu and Sindhi typing, and you are using computer or laptop and you are facing problem to , how to write Urdu and Sindhi in computer, So, you are on right place, today we will guide you step by step all the procedure, about how to download keyboard for Sindh & Urdu typing.

 Basically typing from mobile phone in different language is much easy compare to PC and laptop, but when you will type on computer and laptop, you will feel comfortable while typing any document.

 Most of journalists working in different tv channels & newspapers , they want to type news in their own language, So, nowadays internet make everything easy , just you need to research about it, and there are many online websites are available they are not properly guide you about how to download urdu keyboard online.

As you all know, EasySindhi & some other Android application are very famous for Sindhi & Urdu typing, but most of time, we have noticed that, they are missing some hyphens and letters of Urdu & Sindhi language, So, peoples are facing problem , everyone wants easy and fast solution of any problem.


Click here to Download the Keyboard


Here is frequently asked questions with answers

Q.  Sindhi keyboard free download for windows 7?

Ans. Yes Sindhi keyboard is absolutely free for windows 7, and also for other windows, if you are using computer or laptop you can easily and free download the keyboard of Sindhi and Urdu language.


Q. Sindhi typing master free download for PC?

And. If you a student or an employee and want to improve your typing speed of Sindhi language, you can easily increase your typing speed by practicing online sindhi keyboard, and right now there is no any other alternatives of typing master tool directly for sindhi, and if you have Typing Master , you can simply “Add” a new paragraph in Sindhi language, and than you can practice on it.


Q.  mb Sindhi keyboard?

Ans. Yes MB Sindhi keyboard is one of the best and famous keyboard of “MB”, and from last many years, most of Sindhi’s are using it, and right now it is also working better, you can download it.


Q. How can I type Urdu on keyboard?

Ans. It is very easy and simple to type Urdu in keyboard, first of all you need a keyboard to type anything you want, the famous keyboard for Urdu is “Easy Urdu” and same is available on Google Play Store, but if you are using computer or laptop and you want to type Urdu on keyboard on your PC, simply download keyboard file from front of this article.


Q.  How Can I change my keyboard from English to Urdu?

Ans. If you want to change your keyboard setting and you want to use Urdu from English mode, it is very easy and simple, just open your keyboard and click on “Web” button, and simply select your favorite language.

(See image for further help )



Q. How can I type Urdu on mobile phone or laptop?

And. You can type in any language you want, in computer as well as in mobile phone, first of all if you are using mobile phone, simple goto your playstore of your mobile phone and simple download “Easy Sindhi” keyboard for Sindhi writing or if you want  to write in Urdu simply goto playstore and type “Easy Urdu” keyboard, then you can easily install it, and work on it, or if you want to type Urdu on computer or laptop, simple download keyboard, the link of keyboard file is already given on the top of this article.



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