How to check SIMs on ID Card


How to check SIMs on ID Card

If you live in Pakistan, and you don’t know the actually active SIMs numbers registered on your National Identity card, and just if you have information of the quantity of SIMs and you don’t know the numbers registered on your CNIC, So, here is all information you actually you are searching for the that, most of us don’t know the real & easy method of how to check  SIMs on ID Card.

 If you are using Jazz,Ufone,Telenor & Zong mobile network, you can get information and the information if provided by Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA).

Here is a fast & easy method to check sims registered on your ID card

Type your CNIC number in a message without hyphens and send it to 668.



How to check jazz numbers registered on CNIC?

If you are Mobilink (Jazz) user and you are using Jazz Sim from past many years and you don’t have information of total registered jazz numbers on your CNIC , you can easily check it, As per Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) policy one single person in Pakistan, can registered maximum five SIMs on his identity card of any telecommunication network available in Pakistan. Here are easy and simple ways to check your all information.

How to check active jazz number ?

Simply dial *99# to check jazz number available in your mobile phone


Check all jazz numbers registered on your CNIC easily

Simply type CNIC number in your text message and send it to  6001.


Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I check my CNIC details?

Ans. If you want to check CNIC details of your CNIC or CNIC of your family members, simply go to nearest NADRA office, and or you can register yourself on Pak Identity portal of NADRA.

Click here for information of how to check CNIC detail online


Q. How can I check my Iqama online?

Ans. If you are living in foreign country on different VISA, and you have registered SIMs on your Iqama Card, you can easily check details of your Iqama online.

Send 9988 in your text message and send it to 900.

Q. SIM information with number?

Ans. If you want to check SIM information with your numbers, first of all you need to accept terms and conditions of mobile network, and all the mobile telecom companies are already providing facility to all their valuable customers, to access full control of their numbers through online portals, you can also check your available balance detail, your previous usage details including call & SMS history and many more.

Click here to check complete information of any number through CNIC

Q. Check CNIC number by name online?

Ans. You can easily check name of any CNIC holders from your mobile phone, and same services is provided by NADRA , most of peoples don’t know the actual way to check CNIC number by name online. And checking CNIC number by name is not possible, only you can check it from nearest NADRA office.

Check name of any CNIC Number easily

Send CNIC number in text message and send it to 7000

Q. SIM name check app?

Ans. If you want to check name of any SIM, actually it is not possible legally because mobile phone telecom operators always respect and secure personal data of all the customers, but there are many other ways to check name of any SIM, through software’s but it is not sure the information is correct or false, you can use TrueCaller, to check details of incoming caller many other methods are also available , but we will recommend you always use legal way, if you want to check detail of any numbers you can visit nearest franchise of said mobile network.

Q. Trace mobile number in Pakistan with CNIC.

Ans. Tracing any mobile number in Pakistan through CNIC is not possible & available for anyone, this information is only available with company and they never share with any one, in case you want to trace number for any criminal purpose, you can contact with your nearest Police Station, they can help you to trace any number, and there is no correct & official way to trace mobile number in Pakistan with CNIC.


Q. Mobile number se cnic maloom karna? Check cnic number through mobile number.

Ans. You can only check cnic of a mobile number, which is activated and available with you, you can never check CNIC number of any other person from your cellphone, because it is against policy violation of mobile company, you can only check cnic number through mobile number by registering yourself in Ecare , provided by all companies.


How to check Zong number

If you are Zong user and want to check your zong number, the procedure is very easy, you can easily check it, you can also check registered sims on your cnic, and list of numbers registered on your cnic, the service is officially provided by Zong company.

Check zong number easily by dialing *8# .


How to check all zong numbers registered on cnic

If you are Zong customer, and using zong SIM, and want to check which numbers are registered on cnic, mostly you only know the one number but through this method you can check all numbers activated on your cnic easily.

Simply Dial *336*1# to check list of all zong numbers registered on your cnic.


How to check Ufone SIM number

If you are Ufone customer  and want to know which number is insert in your mobile phone, you can easily check it, and you can also check the all numbers registered on your CNIC, and you can also manage your account with Ufone Ecare portal, this facility is provided by Ufone officially not from any other third party.


How to check Ufone number?

Simply dial *780*3# to check Ufone number .



How to check Telenor number

If you are Telenor user, you can easily check, your telenor sim number from your phone, without having balance, it is free of costs and provided by Telenor pak, you can also check how much and which numbers are registered on your cnic easily.

How to check Telenor number

Send blank SMS to 7421 to check your Telenor number.


How to check all Telenor numbers registered on your CNIC.

Simply send blank SMS to 7751 from your Telenor number to check all numbers registered on your cnic.



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