PST, JEST Test Preparation- Sindh Govt announced jobs in Education Department Sindh 2021



PST, JEST Test Preparation- Sindh Govt announced jobs in Education Department Sindh 2021

Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani already announced that 37,000/- seats of teachers are required for government-run schools in province of Sindh, the recruitment process is already given to IBA Sukkur & test Syllabus of various posts has been published/announced by IBA Sukkur on their official website, interested candidates are waiting to see the advertisement of jobs, but IBA community is still preparation of whole process, as per report of un-officials of IBA that, advertisement of jobs will be published in the end of January-2021. As per the statement of Education Minister tests will be conducted in 2 phases, in 1st phase 12,000 teachers & while remaining teachers would be hired in 2nd phase in future. Education minister also mentioned that 9,000 government schools in the provinces had recorded 80% enrolment. The process of recruitment will be finished in six months. Recently after announcing of jobs the large numbers of peoples are searching online to preparation online.

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So, in this article, we will suggest you best way to find your goal easily, and clear your mind first that, test preparation of above positions is not easy to cover within short time, definitely it will take some time to prepare and basically if you study from primary to Matric with properly , then this test is easy for you, as per the syllabus given by the IBA, all sections are covered from primary to secondary education basis. We are highly recommended you to read out once past subjects from primary to middle, it will much helpful. We found following sections just for you to help you to prepare online try to cover following steps


English Section




Vocabulary Antonyms                              

Error detection                                                    

Fill in the blinks                                                   

Active & passive voice                                      


Vocabulary Synonyms

                 Use of preposition

                       Pair of words

               Analytical reasoning


                    Idioms & phrases





Math Section




Distance & time








                  LCM & HCF     


              Decimal Fraction




True about Criteria

Most of us don’t know the actual criteria of test, IBA Sukkur only mention on their website percentage of sections, but when you appear in test, there is totally different, because the specialist and experts of IBA community design/create question papers by themselves, they not take English section from outside. Normally the criteria of IBA Sukkur contain 30% of English, 20% Computer, 20% Math & 30% GK & Current affairs.  Most of students are asking from where to preparation? We highly recommend you, for qualify of written test of IBA Sukkur, first of all you have good English & basic information of general knowledge, if your both sections are not good, you may need to appear in different written test of IBA Sukkur for getting experience, simply when you see new advertisement in IBA sukkur apply for a single post and appear in test just of catching experience. Most of candidates getting 60 plus marks, for appearance in different tests, IBA Sukkur most of time repeated same question. So, this is also a good option for you if you want to qualify written test.

Special Point to qualify IBA Sukkur Written Preparation

Questions in any test of IBA are always shocked compare to other testing service, because IBA always designed & prepare syllabus through their own university levels. Our experts found a special point to qualify the written tests of IBA Sukkur, is only one to appear in different written tests of IBA Sukkur, it is much helpful & easy to qualify the up-coming written tests. In this article we only suggest and gave ideas to you to prepare yourself, we never share any question & pdf files, related to upcoming or solve papers, because it is totally illegal as per law, and IBA have own rights of their respective contents. So, work hard inshaAllah you will success. Thanks for being with us, if you like our topic, kindly share with your friends and also share on social networks.



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