Online Earning in Pakistan for students without investment



Online Earning in Pakistan for students without investment

If you are a student and want to earn as part time to afford study expenses, or if you are belonging from a poor family & want to continue your study and you don’t have money to afford university expenses  and if you want to get higher education from biggest institutions of the world, today in this article we will guide you about best way for Online earning in Pakistan for students without investment as title above, there are hundreds of ways of earn from internet , but most of students don’t know the real & easy way to earn, because when you ask from anyone about how to earn money, he direct guide you to find any private job for money, but as a student you will preferred part time income because you want to continue your education also, believe me there are many examples of students, which are studying in standard universiteis & they are belonging from poor families, just because of they are earning part time a handsome amount. So, lets start without wasting your further time. You can earn through following skills , we have suggest only three best ways for you.


  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing

Why freelancing, we suggest you, most of students are angry on freelancing word, because they many time heard that earning from freelancing is too hard, but today we will guide you easy & simple way from where you can generate a handsome part time income, for freelancing you must have any skill, and don’t worry if you don’t have any skill like, Typing, Graphic Designing , Content writing, Logo Designing, or any other, we will guide you best skills, from where you can earn easily, but if you have any skill you can directly start freelancing and freelancing is not much hard, believe me, it is easy compare to other work, but work through proper channel, like many students joined different platforms of freelancing and they are working on it on same time, and due to hard work they are leaving their study, just because of money, So, never do like it, try to work on freelancing as part time. First of allow know about freelancing there are huge number of platforms they are providing freelancing services, but we will recommend you following two.

Why only two platform, just because of earn quick money, set your mind start to sign up for yourself in aforesaid platforms and simply provide your services online, and make sure for ranking on freelancing you need to wait for almost 3 to 5 months, thereafter you will grip on services, and if you new and don’t know anything about freelancing , we will recommend you to join free course of Freelancing, already provided by Government of Pakistan if you want to join freelancing course visit this website , and if you thinking you are knew which courses are best for you, so here is list of courses you can do and can get handsome amount in short time.

  • Data Entry
  • Typing
  • Content writing
  • Basic SEO
  • Website Designing

The above five skills for best for new students, focus on above, and try to spend atleast five to 6 months on it, and thereafter you will generate a handsome amount .



Why we suggest about blogging, because if you are student and searching for Online earning in Pakistan for students without investment, than blogging is good option for you, there are two platforms of blogging is one of the best way for new bloggers, just because of free services, blogger is platform of Google and they not charge for hosting, So, if you are student you can join blogger free, work on blogger is very easy compare to other fields, just you need a gmail account to sign in for blogger, thereafter you need to write article on different topics you like, and you can share your knowledge and skills online through your content, and if you a good skills in writing you will earn lots of money in short time. Wordpress is also a paid tool, it is a content management system (CMS), it is paid tool when you will join it, you will charge for Hosting & domain, but we will suggest you first of all work on, because it is free and when you earn some amount investment on WordPress, because WordPress is fully customization compare to, well you will get idea about it when you will join it. If you are student we will strongly suggest you to start your blog, and if you are new don’t any thing about blogging, try to find on Google & Youtube, there are thousands trainers are available online, they are learn about blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to earn huge money online, and if you are student and you have extra time after study, you can join this platform, but if you are new and don’t know about affiliate marketing, kindly don’t start affiliate marketing, it is not easy , as in this article we mentioned three platforms for earning 1. Freelancing 2. Blogging & 3rd is Affiliate Marketing, just because first of all you need to know about blogging, when you will gain the blogging, you can join affiliate marketing, for getting huge money, in Affiliate marketing if your website rank for any product you can earn one lac in one day, there are very high potential in affiliate marketing, basically affiliate marketing working for selling any products of any company and on every single sell you will get commission it is called affiliate marketing, in Pakistan there are many affiliate marketing , but all over the world, Amazon is No.01 affiliate marketing platform, hundreds of students are earning through Amazon affiliate Marketing .



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