Facebook log in issue, Code generator problem solution for Facebook. how to check generator code for facebook



Facebook log in issue, Code generator problem solution for Facebook.


Hello friends, welcome to our page, if you are facing problem while login in your facebook account today in this page, i will guide you whole process ,as you all know the policies of facebook are now very strict due to some security reasons, many accounts blocked by facebook ,because of wrong use, and in our Pakistan, most of facebook accounts are running in the female name by males, just for cheating with girls, and much more, actually facebook is best application for us because in current time we need this, almost everyone here use this , facebook connect us with whole world by simple an application and one click.  There are many problems peoples are facing, the big problem is while login in account, and account suspended errors. How to solve it ? in this page we will provide you complete detail about problems and solutions. 


Account Block Reasons

The major reason for suspending account is, login in many devices , if you are using a computer and mobile phone and login on both, and you not log out a single, then you can face problem, please make sure if you are using two devices, must log out from a single, and always set a strong and difficult password for , don't share your phone number & email with others and don't show email & mobile number on your profile, and most of our friends are facing problem while logging in through code generator application, if you face this problem you can simply report your problem to facebook describing your issue, and after some verification your account will be restore,

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