Which Bank is giving highest profit rate in Pakistan, highest profit paying Islamic banking in Pakistan

Which bank is giving highest profit rate in Pakistan, Islamic bank profit rates in Pakistan.

Hello friends welcome to my site, today I will tell you complete information about banks which providing the highest profit rates in Pakistan with a low-interest rate, most of the people's are searching online and all want high profit, everyone wants to save money with a secure way and with a high-profit margin, but sometimes we are facing problems of Interest (Sood), because everyone wants while money and interest-free money, in Islāmic point of view, most of the Peoples avoided depositing money in banks, because they saying that it is ‘Haram’ , So, today in this article I will give you complete detail of Banks, which are providing Highest profit with Islamic rules and declared by Alama’s with fatwa’s. Most of the people strictly directed and advice you to save your money in your home, without investing in the bank, just in the name of ‘Haram’ and ‘Halal’. Nowadays saving money in the bank in a good option and choice, because if you save your money in your home, it will be dangers for you because of unsafe and as we noted that home robberies, street crime, theft & other crimes are growing in-country, and in this condition saving money in the home , are very dangerous and safe, you can save your money in Banks, with Islamic way, and the money depositing in banks are fully secure and trusted, I will also share profit detail and markup detail of banks bellow, hope you will get good results.

Al Baraka Khazana Account

If you are looking for high-profit provider bank then Albaraka is on top and the Al Baraka Khazana account is the best suitable and high-profit provider bank account in Pakistan along with premium profit and multiple transactions without any restrictions on any transaction. Al Baraka also gives Mahana Aamdani Account, Albaraka term deposit with high profit. All bank accounts based on the Islamic concepts.
Features & products
  • The account is available in only Pakistani rupees.
  • With unlimited deposits and withdrawals.
  • Slab bases profit,to get higher profits on a higher amount.
  • The minimum investment of Rs.100,000/- for retail and for business entities is Rs.250,000/-.
  • Profit paid on monthly basis and calculated on average of monthly balance.
  • With benefits of Phone banking, Internet banking, Mobile application banking & E-Statement.

Market Target
  • Companies
  • Partnerships
  • Individuals (eighteen years 18)
  • Sole proprietors
  • Other clubs & Associations

Interest Rate
  • Interest rate from 3.34% to 4.01% based upon deposited balance.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Pakistani citizen age limit 18 to 70 years ( for salaried person)
  • Pakistani citizens age 18 to 70 years (for businessmen/self-employed).

Bank Alfalah Islamic, Falah 3 Year Term Deposit Certificate Account

If you want to invest money through Islamic concept, here is 2nd the highest rate of returns providers bank account, on Falah 3 year term deposit the certificate you can ear high return rate and flexibility of withdrawn profits as a regular source of income. Here is 2nd best option for saving money and getting a huge profits. Here are further features.
Top features & Facilities
  • Minimum deposit amount Rs.100,000/- only
  • Three years of fixed investment
  • Deposit limit up to Rs.25 million
  • Monthly profit paid
  • Rollover option facility
  • Single tier product
  • The interest rate varies up to 4.53% as per deposited balance.
  • ATM card Facility (VISA/PayPak)
  • Branch Banking & Online Banking

Eligibility Criteria
  • 21 years to 70 years (for Salaried persons)
  • 21 years to 70 years (for self-employed/Businessmen)

Allied Term Plus Deposits

Allied the term plus deposit account of Allied Bank limited to provide you high competitive profit rate in Pakistan, with a low deposit of Rs.10,000./-, if you have low the amount, and you are working in the private sector you can easily deposit money only from ten thousand, through this account, you can free from fixed amount and time and can get monthly returns.
High Features
  • Auto Rollover option facility
  • Financing on term deposits
  • Profit withdrawn facility from ATM and cheques
  • The profit rate remains the same over the entire deposit period & The principal stays secure.
  • One month to 10 years funds fixed tenor facility
  • The interest rate varies from 3.15% to 5.00% on the deposited amount based.
  • On long-term deposit get competitive reward rates
  • Reinvestment option at maturity
  • The target age group is 21 years to 65 years
  • 5% interest rate/profit rate
  • Monthly profit payment frequency
  • ATM, Debit card, Mobile app, Online banking facility.

There are many other ways for saving money options are available in Pakistan, we just share the top three, hope you will enjoy and save your money with halal profit. If you have any queries or questions you can contact me through an email ID. And all the given bank's detail is just provided for your information no single payment received for publishing their names in this article, our mission is to offer you genuine information, from you can get the benefit. Best wishes to you all. Have a nice time. For further bank relating information, you can visit our website, and you can join our social networks for further information and if you have any other information related to banks required you can comment us, we will update soon on your demand topics. All information in this article is correct and genuine and taken from the survey , and make sure the Banks profit policy working on Dollar rates, So, it can increase and decrease any time. Be careful while online transactions. Have a good time.
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