IBA Sukkur written test preparation - How to qualify written test of IBA SIBA testing service

IBA sukkur written test preparation – How to qualify written test of IBA SIBA testing service

Hello friends welcome to my site, today I will tell you to step by step procedure how to qualify written and skill tests of Siba Testing service IBA Sukkur.

If you are really interested to qualify written tests must read this article completely and follow all instructions and if you follow my instruction definitely you will succeed in all STS tests.

 Most of us not qualify the written test of IBA Sukkur, most of our friends are working hard and study day and night but when they always get low marks in written tests, well the test criteria are not so difficult only you should need to focus on some points then you can easily qualify written tests.

I am sharing you my personnel experience here, first of all in IBA tests I got 27 marks, it was shocking for me, because I was an expert in English, GK, CA, IT and I qualified many other tests through other testing services like NTS, PTS, UTS, OTS but when I gave the first attempt in IBA Sukkur it was very hard for me.

Just because IBA always work on their personal material & pattern, the example most of the Essays are written and managed by STS himself without taking from other books, and lots of other tools they applied, So it is very time hard to qualify.

Well don’t worry here I will share you lot’s material of IBA Sukkur, given from almost 30 written test qualified students, they always got 60 plus marks in IBA Sukkur. 

First of all make sure, how much better your English is? As you all know English grammar is mandatory if you don’t have a grip on English it is hard to pass the test, but most of us don’t know the real way from where we need to study, if we read hundreds of books and online websites and when we reached a test, there is fully changed criteria no single one question is available as he read before. 

So, it is part of all these conditions, today in this topic the main focus is how to qualify the written test, So, I hope if you apply all our tips, hope you will get good results. So, I don’t want to waste your further time, let’s start.

Focus on following tips

If you want to qualify for any written test, first of all, you need to have knowledge about the following topics.

I hope you should get a 60 plus score in IBA Sukkur tests after planning on this, you will definitely pass first of all focus on 

"Worlds famous places, Largest smallest in the world, currencies, and capitals,  International organizations and their headquarters, Mountain ranges, Human body parts GK, 20 parliament names, top airlines, current prime minister’s and presidents of the world, old and news names of countries"

After all main focus on vocabulary, it helps you to find synonyms and antonyms easily, and I will highly recommend you if you want to preparation of any test must prepare online.

Read the newspaper on daily basis, share GK with friends through messages, it also helps you, try to participate with many tests of IBA Sukkur, for experience, appear at least two times in month in a test of IBA Sukkur for different posts, just for the getting experience.

Because most of the time IBA Sukkur repeats some questions in tests. Computer is very important section for qualify test, you need to focus as much as on the computer,  as per my personal experience if you have good English and knowledge of computer, you will definitely pass the written test of IBA Sukkur.

Online Preparations.

Online preparation is the best way to qualify for any test, books are also best, but now days it is very hard to study on books because every time we are connected with mobile phones and laptops, and in online preparation focus on MCQS types, it also increases your ability levels, study through joining Whatsapp and Facebook groups are not much good just good enough, try to study through an online quiz.

Here is a list of top websites if you completely study on both, I hope you will get good results, the first one is pakmcqs.com and another is Mastguru.com.

You can study through books also, you can check the names of top books which are also mentioned in my previous post from my page. Hope after applying all steps you will find good results, best wished for you. All the best.
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Thanks for your important time. Allah Hafiz.

Have a nice time.
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