Best debit card in Pakistan for international online purchasing & shopping- Best credit and master cards in Pakistan for online shopping.

Best debit card in Pakistan for international online purchasing & shopping- Best credit and master cards in Pakistan for online shopping.

Hello, friends welcome to my site, today I will tell you complete information about the best debit cards, credit card & master cars for online shopping in Pakistan, if you want to shopping online or you are working as a freelancer, you can easily avail the best cards for shopping online. Actually, there are three types of cards in Pakistan, first one is a debit card, it provided by different banks, the debit card helps you to pay online store payment will detect from your account, and if you using a Credit card, it also helps you to buy any product online, most of the banks give credit card facility to their valuable customers, and the need for applying a credit card is hard compared to the debit card because in credit card bank offer you credit for shopping without having balance in your account, eligibility criteria are different from debit and master cards, and the debit and master cards are also working in same conditions. Today I will share the top and best card information, you can apply for them and it will fully control you for online transactions. Most of our friends are working as freelancers and bloggers, they are beginner, in start period they don’t know about debit and credit cards when they reach their work level, they should need cards for online purchasing and payment.

Alfalah Visa Platinum Debit Card

Alfalah Platinum Debit is the best debit card, which is a combo of an app and a prepaid VISA debit card. Alfalah Platinum debit card can be used to shop at any international website. Aflallah also gives you Alfa mobile application to do and keep track of all transactions. The basic aim of the card is to frequent travel and getting higher limits for customers. Alfalah debit card accepted at millions of merchant site worldwide and the shopping limit is Rs.500,000/- per day and Alfalah debit also offer you a discount of 30% at 250 plus restaurants and other shops worldwide.  Alfalah platinum debit card offers you high transaction limits.

Alfalah Platinum Card limits
  • The fund Transfer limit is Rs. 250,000/-
  • Withdrawal from ATM limit Rs.300,000/-
  • POS transaction limit Rs.500,000/-

Alfalah Titanium Credit Card

Alfalah Titanium credit card offers countless benefits and privileges. Titanium card carries MasterCard logo and ensuring worldwide acceptability.  Alfalah titanium credit card offer you world wide exciting discounts for shopping, traveling & fine dining. The big facility of Alfalah Titanium Credit card is SBS installment plan, you can buy countless home and life style products and repay the transaction amount in equal monthly installment with the facility of choosing tenures from 3 to 36 months for repayment. Another big facility of Alfalah Titanium credit card is cash advance, you can withdraw cash amount from any Bank Alfalah branch or ATM card worldwide.  (The service charges will be applied). Bank Alfalah titanium credit card give you balance transfer facility through phone banking and ATMs with affordable transfer rate.
Customer Service 24/7.
  • Account detail & credit card statements.
  • Balance transfer facility
  • Pay mobile & utility bills
  • Avail Installment plan facility
  • Active ongoing and new Credit Card services

                                        Allied Visa Gold Card

Allied Visa Gold Credit Card helps you to save money and the annual percentage rate in the market is 28%. Allied Visa credit card is chip-enabled contactless for strengthening the security of the card against fraud and other more convenience of using card and contactless environment.  Free credit card facility up to 51 days with the benefit of a flexible repayment installment plan. Strong network global wide. You can also get two supplementary cards for your family members with unlimited discount offers and pay least five percent of Rs.500/- of total outstanding dues.

  • Enhance security features
  • Contactless transactions convenience
  • Zero fee of conversion
  • No chip fee
  • Low markup only 2.33 % per month.

Eligibility Criteria

  •  Age 21 to 60 years for salary person (Salary requirement not stated by bank)
  • Age 21 year to 60 years for Self-employed & businessmen.

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