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Youtube is still top trend on internet

We’ve all been there, being watching hours worth of carefully suggested Youtube contents and not realising how much time has been passed, until its too late. Now, just imagine the number of Youtubers waiting to discover the youtube world and become a dedicated fan.

And there is no denying that a professional looking Youtube Channel with engaging huge content can be a great way to exposes your music to a previosuly untapped audience.

How to build audience on YouTube?

So, for building audience stems from hard wordk, careful planning, organistaion and creativity, I am sharing with you a few potential ways to increase your Youtube channel.


  • Subscribers are main priority by ycreating high quality content that engages your audience , you should need to work hard to boost new subscribers.
  • Be careful to viral video is not what you are looking for, insteat you want and create yand build your own audience.
  • As your social media accound make sure that your brand image is perfect and consistent, all others like logons,colours,fonts and other settings that make your perfect sound and video.
  • Post things often so that your audience gets used to the rhythm of releases and it becomes part of their lifes and they will come to expect a content/video and they miss it whne it doesn’t happen.
  • As per senior copywriter and content strategist and other seniors a good aim is one video per week and atleast four vidoes per month.
  •  Senior copywirter and content writer stated that first eight seconds of your video are most important, So play music straight away and go straight to the high content or start with an interiguing image/thumbnil that force people/audience stick to arround.
  • While suggested vidoes make sure you are detailed when tagging your videos and profile.


  • Never afraid to promote your videos. Post all your vidoes on social media and task peoples and your native releatives and friends and ask them to share your video and also request for follow it.
  • You probably need to promote your video on Facebook pages and groups and also in  Whatsapp groups.

Know your audience first. 

  • Try to find out where your audience is coming from and create strategy and targest places.




Make content and promote on Socialmedia.

  • YouTube highly intergrated social media into their platform well, so peoples can share your post with their frineds easily and quickly.  
  • Youtube make it easy for customers/users to share their music/vidoes. It is a social listening experience with more comments and easily access to social media groups and pages.


  • Invite a guest speaker on your vidoes and encourage your viewers to follow your channel and also work on your page designing and invite any frined who know designing and designe your page this could also give you some fresh eye catching contents on social media.


How to Be Creative 

  • This is a good way to spread your content from one large vidoe to a seriers by spread you content by creating themed playlist to help new viewers  see grouped videos.
  • Your consistenet character and gags tried and tested way to make content consistent and retain interest of views on your channel.

 Mostly asked question How to make money from YouTube

Youtube is a great source of revenue for youtubers.

It is all about traffic on youtube channel keeping views on youtube channel and tuning these viewers into dedicated followers and subscribers, once  built of a strong followers you have numerical evidence of how many people you are regularly reaching and this lead to high source of income for you. I am sharing with you a few examples how to make money from Youtube.  

  • Advertising by sponsored.
  • Merchandise and releases of your physical promoting..
  • YouTube’s already introduced feature namely ‘tip jar’


Finally I am sharing with you that Youtube is safe to say that Youtube is an exciting platform for artists and for others  who promote their skills and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. I hope your have found this blog useful and Youtube will became a valuable for your source of income in the future.

Have a nice time.

Regards:-   Gul Muneer Dahri (Content writer from Pakistan)

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  3. Yes YouTube is strong media platform and is the 2nd most used search engine after Google.
    You have shared a valuable information, young guns should use this properly and share their skills on youtube in order
    to earn money.


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