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Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is one of the most consequential vitamins. It is correct to say human life would not be on this planet today without Vitamin C. Through Vitamin C human body does many positive things. Vitamin C is much necessary for human life, it helps to avert major diseases. Vitamin C also helps in scurvy diseases. Ascorbic Acid is chemical name of Vitamin C, and there are huge positive properties. Vitamin C helps in scurvy, the symptoms of scurvy are yellow skin, muscle pain & fatigue, teethes will start fall out and mental depression will start, scurvy can only treated with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is water soluble vitamin it is also virtually nontoxic and for powerful immune system of body Vitamin C is also necessary part for it. If Vitamin C is not present in body the white blood cells will not active in body. To fight with infection Vitamin C directs the blood cells to fight. To obtain Vitamin C, there are many ways as Doctors recommended take a daily vitamin and it contain hundred percent of suggested amount the other to receive amount is eat food rich with vitamin C like oranges, watermelon, grapefruit & strawberries and also some vegetables are valuable and provide vitamin C like brussel & asparagus & others. Plasma levels of vitamin c are higher compare to summer season, because in summer the Vitamin C provides fruits are not available. In winter the fruits full with vitamin C are available like oranges, grape fruit, lime, guava & strawberries. Smoking and drug also effect on vitamin C.


Symptoms of Vitamin C.


·       Rough and Bumpy Skin ( Deficiency of Vitamin C cause evolution of acne on skin,buttocks or thighs)

·       Body Hair falling ( Deficiency of Vitamin C also cause of falling body hairs)

·       Red spots/finger nails with red spots ( Deficiency of Vitamin  C associate spoonshaped on fingernails)

·       Damaged & Dry Skin ( Deficiency of Vitamin C damaged skin and make wrinkled and dry skin)

·       Healing Wounds (  Deficiency of Vitamin C ,non healing leg ulcers more to deficient in vitamin)

·       Swollen in joints and pain (  Deficiency of Vitamin C causes severe join pain and swollen and also cause pain swelling)

·       Bones weakness (  Deficiency of Vitamin C increase risk for develop weak and frail bones)

·       Tooth loss, Red, Swolling bleeding gums ( Deficiency of Vitamin C, gum tissue become weak and inflame blood vessels and bleed more)

·       Weak Immunity ( Deficiency of Vitamin is big sign of weak immunity , Vitamin C different types immune cells to help them with infection and demolish disease causing pathogens )


Food Source of Vitamin C. 

           01.                                         Acerola Cherry

         02.                                         Oranges

         03.                                        Strawberry

0       04.                                        Blackcurrants

         05.                                      Guava

         06.                                      Sweet red pepper

         07.                                      Lychee

         08.                                     Kiwifruits

         09.                                     Papaya

         10.                                    Lemon

         11.                                    Parsley

        12.                                     Cantaloupe

        13.                                     Mango

        14.                                      Papaya and Pineapple

        15.                                       Watermelon



Vegetables with high source of Vitamin C.


01.      Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts

02.      Red and green peppers

03.      Cabbage, Spinach, Turnip green

04.      Potatoes white and sweet

05.     Winter Squash

06.     Tomatoes  




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