Tiktok, Most Downloaded App in 2020


          Tiktok is most downloaded video sharing social  media application on the internet in current year 2020 created by Chiniese internet tech company in 2012 owned by Mr. Zhang Yiming. Specialy its created for showing talent on media through uploading short videos of 15 seconds to 60 seconds and Titkok offiicaly launched in 2017 for Android & IOS and became worldwide. Tiktok surpassed one billion users worldwide in just 04 years and 500 million worldwide active users as reported in April 2020, and Tiktok has also global offices in New York City, Paris, Dublin, Dubai, Mumbai, Jakarta, Tokyo, Mumbai and Tiktok is most popular in East Asia and other parts of world.



Why U.S President is angry of TIKTOK.

           Due to launching of Washington offence to assure regulators and users that it does not share data with China’s Government and it is willing to follow any regulations requisite to remain in U.S. U.S President Trump announced hin intention to ban on Tiktok and he suggested to US Based suitors like Microsoft and other to close deal to acquire video sharing app and he gave 45 days of deadline.


                     Which countries blocked ‘Tiktok’.

1.    United State

2.    Japan

3.    India

4.    Hongkong

5.    Indonaisa

6.    Pakistani Govt also warned to ban on Tiktok.








Trends & Features of Tiktok.

To create a video with music this app can help to prvide background with vide quality of music , Tiktok allows his customers to create short video with fifteen seconds and upto sixteen seconds and variety of trends including lip-synced songs,mems,duets & comedy videos, tiktok have hundred of users in who made videos in different languages from whole world ,it is very easy and simple way to upload video on due to challenge on tiktok many young boys left their lives its very hard to create a changeable video like jump from 3rd floor to ground floor and jump in river and many others . Commonly it is very useful app and very entertainment app from many others and it is very easy to use.


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