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Online Written Test preparation

Hello everyone welcome to my page if you are a student and searching for the best way to success in written test, So you are in the right place, today I will tell you all steps by following all steps I hope you will get good results, and make sure this information is about students of Pakistan only, if you are not belonging from Pakistan you can leave this page, So, in Pakistan many students after complete their education is trying to get a job and they are facing difficulties in first the phase of written tests because the criteria provided by test services are so difficult,  but don’t today I will tell you best ways from where you can easily qualify the written test of any testing service, as you all know on this time focus of all testing services is computer (IT) side, most of the testing services required almost 40 percent of IT-related the question, So if you have knowledge in IT you can easily get 40 numbers in IT and others 60 numbers are not so difficult but you need to complete and focus on your first IT series. In this page, I will tell you the best books and sites from you can get all testing information required in testing services,  and after IT, you all know English is major part of the test, So you may need to focus on your English also if you have the focus on English and Computer, you can easily get 60 plus numbers in all written tests. In this page, I will also provide you information from where you can get general knowledge and current affairs details, it is also part of written tests.

Best ways for preparation.

The best and simple way for written test preparation is Online Quiz, this is my personal experience, through online quiz competition, all question, and answers will fix on your mind after completing any quiz, So it is the best way, many peoples suggested that the best way for test preparation is to join groups of social media like WhatsApp, So joining any group for test preparation is not a bad idea but it is not easy to prepare through groups, because if you join a group related to testing preparation, and you get daily basis hundreds and thousands of messages, from where how you can prepare how you read all, definitely, you can’t read all, and thereafter you refuse to read messages, because of huge numbers of messages, it is also effect on your mobile phone storage, So the best option for test preparation is only Quiz option, try it once, there are thousands of Online and offline quiz applications and websites are available you can easily join them, And if you are thinking why I am not providing you detail about preparation through books,  So don’t worry I know it is also the best option but in today’s time, we all are connected with the internet every time, and it is hard to read books, and no doubt many students are reading books for written test preparation its is too good, in the bellow of this article I will also recommend the names of the books from you can study but the main focus of this article is prepare your tests online, because online platforms are much easy and comfortable, and easy to access. And if you are thinking study through WhatsApp groups is not good, So I never meant it, I just suggest and informed you of my experienced.


Online Quiz and websites for test preparation.

Here is a list of three top online quiz websites, by visiting and study on these websites, I hundred percent sure within 6 to 10 months you will be expert in all subjects because the following websites are not just about the single topic there are many options you can quiz for English General Knowledge, Computer, Current Affairs, Math & much more, So I will highly recommend you following sites for written test preparation, and there is also a facility of Mobile application of following websites, by downloading the Mobile application you can easily access and learn.  And make you don’t’ jump early you need to spend time for preparation and quiz daily basis in short terms short lessons don’t enter all quiz in a single day, it can affect your health, So, if you want to preparation online make your mind cool and fresh and if you feeling boring you can leave the study. And there is in last a website is available only related to IT, and almost every past papers, the question is available on site, it can also help you, Here is a list of websites.







Books for written test preparation.

 If you are out of the city and not access with internet here is a list of top books for written test preparation, you can easily qualify in any test if you read all these books and these books are also taken from past papers of different projects, if you are preparation of NTS, STS, UTS, FPSC, SPSC, BPSC,KPSC or any other, following books are much helpful for you, and the prices of books are not much expenses you can buy in the little amount, and in these books quiz series also available. Here is a list of books.


 Carvan General Knowledge

 Encyclopedia GK by Jhangeer Series

 Spectrum GK by  Advanced S.

 GK, CA, by Karwan

 GK by Ahmed Sons 2019/20.



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