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Common problems of Mobile phones.

As we all know, how much mobile phones are important, mobile phones make life easier in current time, Mobile phone allow us to connect with peoples all over the world, in mobile phones you can face many problems also because technology/automation is not always perfect/correct, and faults in your mobile phones can make you stressful. Today I will share with you most common problems of mobile phones, from where you can get hep to resolve them, and you can easily solve them without further losing your money. Mobile phones new multifunctional tool are very helpful, and new phones are engineered to provide updated features and tools to consumers. If you are not a technical expert, you can face several troubles in your mobile phones and definitely you will visit technician for repairing your phone.  But most of peoples don’t know the common problems of their mobile phones, which can solve by themselves easily, So today the main topic of this article is to inform you that there are lots of little problem with your cellphones and that can resolve by you yourself, and make clear this information is for only Android users not for others , So let’s start.   


1.  Hang/slow work.


                                                                                          Hang/slow work of mobile phones, it is common problem almost everybody experienced and faced at least once in their life time.  It is common issue in mobile phones and most of old phones are facing this issue, it problem appears when RAM of your mobile phones full with apps and files and then your phone respond to slowly , and many times  ROMs of your phone also full with different types of files, mostly WhatsApp groups engage your mobile phones with different videos and photos which exactly you don’t use and delete on time and they are available in storage . Sometimes it appeared because of unlimited messages available in your phone.


First of all clean your mobile phone by deleting extra applications and files and close clear cache from your browsers, and don’t’ install those application which not work properly and you will definitely get results when you will uninstall it and your phone will work faster, you can storage your data also by using different online services. If you still facing hanging and slow work problem on your phone, you may need to reset your phone, and make sure after reset your phone, all your data will be deleted from your phone. First storage your data on other place and then reset your phone this is also helpful for above reason.


2.   Overheating problems.


                                                                                                  Overheating problem is also a common problem in smartphones, most of new smartphones have also this issue, most of time heating issue comes from battery life of your mobile phones may be damage of battery and it also be related with charger , if you are facing heating problem in your mobile phones you should solve it as early as possible and overheating can damage your phone screen seriously, and most people download applications related to cool heating problems, but in real they are harmful and they damage more your battery not save your battery and resolve your heating problem so avoid to install that types of applications.


First of all, if you see this problem try to carry phone in safe and cold place and keep away from heat of sun. Turn off your phone for some time then start.  And there is no other solution of heating, you can direct complaint of heating to your service providers.



---- Another common problem that happens to everyone is when your phone never has battery enough although you do not use it all the time. There are different factors that can affect your battery life and you should take them into account before losing your battery.


3.  Bad battery life problems

                                                                                          Bad battery life is also a common problem in mobile phones, everyone wants a big battery backup and most of mobile phone provide high MHz batteries to their customers, and there are different elements that can affect battery life. And most of peoples installed different application for growing battery life of their mobile phones, but exactly its not working and that types of application actually losing their battery life more, you need to check background running application from your phone, they are also consuming battery in background, you need to check it.


First of all turn off your all applications that you can’t use like, wifi,  Mobile data, Bluetooth, GPS, Location, and also set dim screen brightness and use power saving option. There is an option in all mobile phones to check running application in your mobile phone, from where you can turn off and disable them easily and can save battery.


Other Minor problems.


After above major problems here is other minor problems in smartphones like Full storage space , Applications crashes & phone freeze problems, the full storage is simple and you can easily imagine and by cut of storage you can solve this issue, and phone freeze issue also occurs when your mobile storage is out of limit, there is many officially applicants are also available to resolve freeze issue. You can get help from there. And if you face any other problem in your mobile phones, I will highly recommend you to visit nearest call center of your mobile providers and avoid to try or solve problem youself without having any skill. The minor problems of your smartphones can make you in problem with a major problem. So be careful. Thanks for visiting my page, hope you will enjoy and learn from this page. Best wished for you all.  



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  1. There are lot of issues come up in the mobile devices in a daily life including heat up issues and battery draining issues are the most common one. I personally feel very frustrated with these issues.


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