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Hello everyone welcome to my site, today I will tell you about the latest jobs in Pakistan and how to get job in Pakistan,  If you are not from Pakistan So, you can leave this page because this information is only about Pakistani students, and if you are student living in Pakistan and searching for part time or full time job or searching for Government job you are on right place, today just I will tell you easy ways from where you can easily find a good job for you, I will also share the information regarding which skills are best to get job in Pakistan. In Pakistan the major problem of young students is find jobs after completing education, and it is very hard for them to find and get a job in short time. Today in this topic I will briefly guide you about skills and institutions, from where you can find you best job easily. Most of our friend’s messages us through social media and request for providing ideas about how to get Government jobs in Pakistan, thereafter I am writing this article, in year 2018 the un-employment rate in Pakistan was 4.08%. Most of high educated persons are working in small industries on daily basis, it is very sad for us, but don’t worry today I will tell you the best skills from where you can easily get job if you will work hard. So don’t wasting your further time let’s start.



 As you all know how much skills are important in current this, and in a report of UNDP on 2018 Pakistan was worst performer in terms of technical & vocational education. if you have a skill you can get job easily and can work at your home also, first of all I will recommend you Technical Education, and there is hundreds of technical educations fields in Pakistan but I will recommend you just following 02 best skills.

1.    English Shorthand

2.    English Typing


English Shorthand:- In Pakistan English Shorthand skill is on top, and millions jobless persons get their jobs through this skill, and this is not more tough skill, all depend on your mind ability, this skill require 6 to 12 months only,  and there are thousands of private and Government institutions , which provides this courses. Believe me I am sharing my personal experience all my friends who complete this course, they are in jobs in different top high level departments of Pakistan , and it is interesting to inform you that the basic pay skill of this job start from BPS 14 to BPS 16, and it very great , if you complete this course in just six months and get a job in BPS 16 Scale, is it not good for you? , trust me many our friends completing courses from universities after 4 to 05 years and they are still  jobless (Note not mean of this article is to not get education from university , this is all about experienced article about stenography). And another good news in this field is you can get job after completing your intermediate and not required a high qualification like Bachelors or Masters. If you are belong from poor family and you can not afford expenses of education you can easily join this course and can get job easily, the monthly fees of this course is not higher then Rs.500 PKR per month and this is not high amount you can easily afford. Finally, I will highly recommend you this course and think and lost your time start today. I hope you should get a great job soon.

English Typing:- Here is another skill of English typing , this is also a important skill and course , if you want to get Government job quickly in Pakistan ,  English typing and English Shorthand both are combine courses and guaranteed courses for getting job. You can see on daily basis in advertisement many departments and institutions required candidates having that skills, So if you not done your course of English Shorthand you can join English typing very easily, and it is not so difficult, it is very simple you can start from your home, there are hundreds of online websites and applications are available to learn about English typing. Most of students facing difficulties in English Shorthand and they are start English Typing course and they get jobs quickly. So, this field is also best for you. If you are new spent only 6 to 10 months and you will improve your typing skills, because every department required high speed typing master candidate, as you all know in current time everyone is quick and want to complete work quickly. So, from this skill I hundred percent make sure you that you can get Government job in a short time in Pakistan. If you thinking why I only inform you about these two courses, there are hundred of other courses also in Pakistan, just because of English Typing and English Shorthand required a short time as compare to others courses. In my view these courses are top short-term courses to get job easily. In this article I share information and my personal experience with you, therefore I guarantee you if you are jobless and want to get job quickly must focus on these courses.  If you have any question you can frequently ask through my email address and if you like this information must share with your friends and relatives to help them to get job easily. If you want to know about the more information regarding these skills you can search on internet you will find lots of topics related to Shorthand and typing and for daily basis latest jobs you can join our social media pages by visiting our website. Best wishes for you all.



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