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   Kuwait Govt approved Expat bill 2020

 Kuwait Government approved new draft bill in which almost eight (8) lac Indian might be force for leave Kuwait, the same bill approved by legal & legislative committee of Kuwait’s National Assembly, emigrant to lessen population in Kuwait and it could result in eight lac Indian foreigners leavening the Kuwait.  Bill states that India Emigrant community shout not surpass fifteen percent of the national population. Almost 9lakh Indians are living in Kuwait and 8lakh might be required to leave.  Interior minister Anas said that Government has complete expat bill only purpose is to upgrade residency law in country, the draft was submitting by 5 ministers. Population formation is real problem of Kuwait said Kuwait Assembly Speaker Marzouq. There are almost seventy percent expats in Kuwait only 1.3 millions are Kuwaitain.  Thirty percent expat will reduce after this bill said prime minister of Kuwait, 2.5 million foreign workers will also cut down. Kuwaits MPAs already call to replace all Govt jobs of expats within one year, Kuwaites will replace on Govt jobs. After this bill employment applications will re call and appointments under process will be cancelled.


On august 19 Indians start to leave Kuwait, second phase started, 14 flights will pick almost one thousand to twenty five thousands passengers and thirty five thousand passengers are  ready to leave Kuwait in end of this month in 160 flights on 12 to 14 flights per day. Srilanka also requested to Kuwait Government for departure flights to return their citizens almost twenty five thousand passengers will return in first phase. Except India and Srilanka no other requested to Kuwait for operate flights for their citizens. 31 Countries are restricted by Kuwait.


Short about Kuwait

Kuwait country is available in Western Asia, borders contected with Iraq to North and Saudia to the south, 4.5 million population of Kuwait as on 2016 only 1.3 million are Kuwaitis and others are expat. Almost seventy percent population of expatriates in Kuwait. Oil is big resource of Kuwait and the first time on 1946 crude oil was exported by Kuwait. Kuwait is a non-NATO ally of US. Kuwait has best and strong relationship with China. Kuwait is 6th largest oil reserves country. The Kuwaiti Dinar is highest currency in the world as on year 2020. In sports Football is most  favorite sports in Kuwait. Kuwait has 6 governorates. Skyline is largest city of Kuwait and capital city of Kuwait. Kuwait contains nine islands. Kuwait has petroleum based economy. Al Hamra Tower of Kuwait is tallest sculpted tower in the world. 99.98% Muslims are available in country. Kuwait official language is Arabic. Kuwait has 17,200 kms land area.  Kuwait is fifth richest country in the world.


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