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  Online Internet Scams.

                    Be alert and protect yourself and your family from online scammers. From year 2015 to 2020 thousands of online internet scam cases registered worldwide, today I am sharing with you information regarding online scams and tips to protect yourself from scammers. Scammers are getting attempts with internet users and attempt to get their money and personal details.  When scammers fraud with you, you’re not expect it, because scammers first of all look like real and they catch everything and they target backgrounds and income levels, and only they are advance because they are taking advantage of latest technology and new services and products, most of scammers create major events and convince you to provide them personal detail and money. Hundreds of scammers fraud through social media and other platforms most of scammers started fraud by providing ‘free money from internet’ they created lots of websites and invite peoples to join them and registered their websites and paid a amount for starting earning and if a person registered on their website they provide him some money and advices him to invite their other friends for join this website, Lastly thousands of peoples invest there and lose their money. Today I will share with you some tips regarding how to protect yourself from scammers.  



     How to protect from scammers.

                 Be alert while dealing with contacts you don’t know and they contact you through email, phone and social networking , first of all you may need to know about them and don’t provide them any detail , and many times scammers get your detail from your social networks and blackmailing you by providing your detail, So be careful don’t provide them any detail and avoid them and block them early, many scammers offer you a free job and business packages , and make research before contact , an easy way on trace him through Google and it is Google image service from where you can get information of anyone by uploading his photo, and many cases scammers hacked account of your friend and contact with you from hacked ID, being as your friend, and they easily blackmail you , So be careful if any your friend demand money through social media kindly avoid it and contact with him through phone call and don’t open suspicious text messages, pop up windows or click on links received through email or messages just delete them early and online search for verifying identity of any contact, ignore calls receive from computer and asking for remote access, and don’t install any application, and keep personal information secure and make high security on your phone and computer and be careful while sharing personal data on social sites, most scammers use your information and photos to create fake ID and target you. Always backup your contacts and make a strong password for your IDs and also review your privacy and security setting on your social sites, never provide your money detail to anyone, and be careful while shopping online, only purchase products from trusted sites.


  From where to get help?

It is very hard to recover money from scammer, but there are steps to protect yourself for further loss.

1.    Tell peoples you know (warn your all friends and relatives about scams)

2.    Tell your concerned institutions ( if you share your personnel and bank detail to scammer ,immediately contact with bank and related institutions for closing further transactions and close your account)

3.    Apply for CV certificate (Common wealthvictim certificate help you for claim, it will help when you will apply on cybercrime site).

4.    Lodge complaint ( After incident lodge an complaint to your nearest police station and lodge complaint online on cyber crime).


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Regards:-   Gul Muneer Dahri (Content writer from Pakistan)

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