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Hello if you want to lose your weight you are on right place, I will share you tips regarding who to lose weight in short time. All tips are useful , and make sure its not possible to lose weight in week or in few days, So be attention for losing weight it will take some months, it is best to lose weight slowly, as per experts you can lose your weight about a pound in week through diet plan, there are fad diets that work rapidly while you feel deprived and hungry. First of all you need to follow my tips and make sure diet plan is most important and exercise is most important in our life, I know if you are so fatty and with heavy body its very hard to exercise, but mostly peoples want to lose their weight through sitting their homes they always searching that formulas and many peoples also share on social media and many tv channels that you can lose your weight in just week, Opps you may need to ignore all because its not so easy you may need to understand , well I want start and sharing following tips, I hope if you will apply you will get better result , So lets start.


                                     1.   Take Breakfast Everyday. 

    First of all make it clear that Breakfast is most important if you want to lose your weight and you ignore to eat Breakfast it is very un-effective for you,  most peoples skipping breakfast because they think that breakfast skipping is best to cut calories, but its wrong , So its  clear if you are starting your dieting plan you need to bookmark Breakfast in your life as most important you need to take fruit and Egg, low-fat dairy milk in your breakfast for quick and nutritious start of your day and make a suitable time for breakfast, its not good if you wake 2pm in day and start breakfast it will seen like you doing lunch so you need to wake up in early morning start with exercise and than take breakfast and then start you work.

                                                  2.   Lunch.

   As we know fruits and Vegetables are most healthy for our health, but in diet plan it is very important, after taking breakfast on the time of lunch you need to eat vegetables, salad and soups. Your diet will be enriched with vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, & fiber and I will highly recommend you if you want to lose your weight quickly you must apply Leafy greens Spinach & leafy green vegetables like lettuce & kale etc in your lunch, and select a standard time for your lunch between 2pm to 3pm, and also try diced sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, yellow squash, red cabbage, red onion cucumbers all are very healthy.

                                                 3.   Dinner.  

   In diet plan you need to take a normal dinner, you need fresh seasonal produce and fresh herb, such radicchio & argula with red wine vinegar and little horssedaish. Focus on salad in dieting its too good for diet. Potatoes are great food and its helping for lose weight and for Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh they can use vinegar, potatoes, Sunri, Shaheen & green salad and such as asparagus, broccoli & cauliflower with lemon juice are also perfect and in Spinach salad sliced carrots and tomatoes. After taking dinner you must need to walk for half hour and after lunch time you need to drink one to four litters and in diet plan you must need 08 hours of sleep.

                                4  Environments control. 

To cut calories you need to control your environment you need to choose right and healthy food, and if you want to go restaurants you need to choose a special one with quality food , eat healthy snack and after eating anytime don’t drink water quickly you need to wait at least fifteen minutes. Use low-fat of salad dressings, dairy products & other products. And don’t eat Burgers & other kitchens items like Shorma, Tika, Roll.





2.     Mushrooms

3.     Cauliflower

4.     Chillies

5.     Carrots

6.     Beans

7.      Asparagus

8.     Cucumbers

9.     Pumpkin.


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