Internet today


Internet Today

The Internet is the Universal system of interrelated ‘Computer networks’ that uses Internet protocol (TCP/IP) to acquaint with networks and devices. The network contains private, government, academic, business, academic, linked by broad of electronic, wireless and other optical network technologies. Internet carries huge range of resource & services and information such hyper text docs and apps of (WWW), Mail, Telephone and other sharing. In website technology most of traditional communication media viz newspapers, email, paper,tv,Radio & telephony are reshaped and reconceive  and launch new services such streaming websites,Newspaper,online music, digital newspapers and other website technologies. Through Social networking, Online shopping grown to retailer both small and high. Industries affect supply chain through internet. China is number one on the world history as internet user. In 2019 worldwide internet user was 53.6%.







Global Internet Usage

Internet users globally revise from 394 Million to 1.858 billion from 2000 to 2010 and almost three hundred online users reading blogs and twenty two percent of world’s population access with computers with almost one billion ‘Google’ searches every day, and two billion views videos daily on Youtube.  43.6 % of world population and three billion users from world surpassed internet in year 2014. 78.0 percent of Europe countries using internet there are 57.4 percent of Americans. All Internet users of Asia counted as 51%. In 2018 China reached at milestone as highest Internet user in the world and there were 802 million internet users and China in 2019 reached at World’s leading country in Internet users.  



Percentage of Languages on World Wide Web


1.     English 27% (Note English is prevalent language for communication via internet).

2.    Chinese 25 %

3.    Spanish 8%

4.    Japanese 5 %

5.    German & Portuguese 4 %

6.    Russain, French & Arabic 3 %

7.     Korian 2 %





By Region Internet User World Wide

1       Asia ----------------------------------------------------42 %

2      Europe --------------------------------------24 %

3      North America --------------------14 %

4      Latin America  -----------10 %

5      Africa ----------06 %

6      Middle East ---- 3 %

7       Australia/Oceania -- 01





Entertainment & Social Networking

1.     WWW:- World Wide Web commonly use to access news reports, whether updates & sports updates & much more.

2.    Facebook:- Social Networking

3.    Twitter :- Social Networking

4.    Myspace:- Social Networking

5.    Whatsapp:- Chats

6.    Linkedin:- Social Networking

7.     Flikckr:- Videos

8.    Youtube:- Videos

9.    Dailymotion:- Videos





Uses of Internet

Below are few functions of uses of internet which includes chattin, mails, electronic & file sharing

·       Shopping

·       Job Hunting

·       Education & Self-help

·       Researching

·       Electronic news.

                                Future of Internet?

                                              We can’t say there is limited future of internet , but we can easily                                         define that Internet is our future inventor will die internet will live.  

                        Have a good time.


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