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                 The phrases ‘Health is wealth’ and ‘fitness is the key’ are famous and well known by everyone but question is how to care our health and be fit , we cal any person healthy and fit when he function well as mentally and physically. You know the really meaning of word health? Health and fitness is not easy to achieve entirely by anyone it depends physical environment and foods, and it fact that physical environment affect our health and our daily wage habits  determine our health and fitness level, the major fitness levels are a good food, water, air which build our fitness level as best. If you are healthy and fit you can live happy and if you are healthy you can control easily to pressure situation and an immunity power fight cancerous cell.


Importance of ‘Diet’ in our health.

                As we all know how much ‘Diet’ is important for our health , first of all if you want to be fit make sure you are eating a healthy food fitness stars is food we should need to  take nutritious foods, and food is rich in minerals, vitamins & protein and carbohydrates is also fully essential and for growing body protein is necessary and Carbohydrates provides huge energy and for building bones and boosting immune system Vitamin and minerals are very important. Taking food in bumpy quantity is harmful for body and nutrients in sufficient balance is balanced diet.  For better sleeping, brain functioning and body weight good food is much better and important.  Also eat vegetables & fruits daily and eat three times (breakfast, lunch & dinner), healthy food avert many diseases and reduce fat in diet helps to control cholesterol & heart diseases.



Exercise for health.


As you all know Exercise is most important for our health, and its improve muscle power and it helps better oxygen supply and blood flow to our body , exercise efficiently work for heart and lung and it is best for making bones strong and pain free. Experts recommend that spend at least twenty minutes daily in exercise.  Morning walk improve fitness and for control on fat and cholesterol level exercise is most important.  And for making fitness you can play games like cricket, volleyball, foot ball etc. Yoga also makes us physically and mentally strong and for making your mind fresh and relax apply meditation in your life and it is better for growing concentration level. Yoga also helps to control blood pressure and make stress free and improves tolerance power of mind. As experts suggested that to fight with depression apply yoga in your life. If you are on diet and not doing exercise , So, it is not good for you, you will get nil result, remember all types of exercise not reduce your fat , you need to increase duration of exercise and control on foods. Do you know the importance of walk? For strengthening bones, controlling weight, leg muscles walk is helpful, for losing weight early make activities like running, sports, cycling and it helps to excess fat and burn extra calories.

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