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Google is worlds No.01 search engine of American multinational technology company which provides internet related services including cloud computing, search engine and online advertising ,hardware and software  after top considered companies like Amazon, Apple & Microsoft, Google is one of big considered company founded on September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin . Sundar Piciai was appointed as Chief Executive officer of Google. Google offers huge services for productivity and work as Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides and top mail service (Gmail), time and schedule management ( Google Calendar), Google Drive, Google Cloud, and for messages and videos chat (Duo, Hangouts and Meet. And for language translate 'Google Translate is most famous and its very simple and easy to use, Google map, Waze, Google Earth & Street view are also top services of Google and for podcast hosting ( Google Podcasts) and for video sharing (Youtube) is super master service and very famous service of google, and for photo organise Google provide (Google photos) service. And Google leads  development of Android mobile operating system the Google Chrome web browser and Chrome OS.As we all know is the worlds most visited website in the world.

                                      Google Updates

Google provides all updates to their valuable customers all latest updates of apps are available in google play  stores and the spam applications not allowed in play store due to fixation of google protect. Google announced algorithm of 2020, first major changing in start of new year 2020 it Google's Core update.

                                                       Google's Vision 

The Vision and Mission of Google's are to make information useful & accessible and the primary vision of Google is to systemize information of all world making it approachable and its mission and aim to provide challenging environment to work hard and challenging environment. Yahoo & MSN also targeted marketing systems in their search engines optimization but through divers marketing networks google create a fresh information to attracts and grows on customers. The Google potential concern are "Click Fraud" and it is most signification on their profit investment. Click Fraud is an automated computer program, 

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