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   Earn money online

                     Hello everyone, If you are tired to search how to earn money online? So, you are on right place, In this article I will tell you easy ways to earn online and it is very simple, but you should need to apply all steps, and commonly thousands of websites and video streaming channels are available and they are telling you how to earn online but in all websites and videos we couldn’t get any good result just we watch everything and end it because they tell us very hard process , most of you are now tired and don’t’ want to research more because you not find your right place, ‘where to work’, ‘how to work’ . Today I will share you all the right places from where you can earn hundred percent and make sure follow on all steps and start today not tomorrow  and you know on internet thousands of peoples are still earning from their homes ,and first of all you may need to understand that the field of online earning need your time, and it is not easy to start work online and you will get money in just few day’s it is totally wrong if you want to earn online you need patient and hard work, I guaranteed you if you will work online you will earn, and in this online earning field you are ‘Boss’ not a servant you can earn on basis of your work. There are lots of platforms to work online, but I will share you top rated and resulted platforms from where you can easily ear, So don’t wasting you more time I am gonna start and inform you how to work online step by step, S let’s start .


1.  Freelancing


                    First of all I will recommend you freelancing filed, because if you are new and want to start earn money online quickly you may need to choose freelancing , So, most of you don’t know what is freelancing a freelancer is self-employed who offers his services often working on several jobs with different clients at one time and there are many platforms to work as freelancer but I will suggest you a few, and make sure before starting freelancing , you must have any skill?, because freelancing is not field of like just watching video you will earn money, No way don’t make you mind like it, in this field you need to work hard and you may have any skill , but don’t worry in freelancing there are thousands of shorts skill services from where you can work online. There are thousands of foreign peoples and companies they are searching freelancer for complete their work online and they will pay you online after completing projects. Freelancer work is usually short-term and freelancer is not officially employed by another company, freelancer can work many jobs or projects at once. Here I am sharing the top skills you should have to work as freelancer like Graphic designer, Website developer, copywriter, photography, SEO, Data entry and more others. And from above skills if you don’t have any skill don’t worry there are lots of different skills work, more simple work on freelancing is ‘copy paste’ many clients offer you to work as copy paste it is very simple and easy, So here is list of freelancing top websites you can register yourself easily and start your work.

      A)   Fivver (fivver.com)

      B)   Upwork (upwork.com)

      C)  Freelancer (freelancer.com)

      D)  Guru (guru.com)

Kindly register on above websites and create your profile , and if you are feeling any difficulty to how to work on freelancing sites , I am sharing with you my email on the end of this article, you can contact with me I will provide you further detail with videos step by step . I hope you will work on this and make sure you will earn money.

2.   Website/Blog

                  Website/blog, thousands of peoples are earning from websites ,but mostly peoples want shortcut to earn online, make it sure that on earning websites and blogs you need more time ,if you want to earn quick in short time you may need to work as freelancer but make sure if you want to work online and want to generate a revenue in thousands dollars must join website field . Many people thinking it is very hard to create website and blog but it is very simple, and this field is very best from all believe me I will highly recommend you to join this , and this is future , don’t waste your time start today it is very simple first of all open your blog from blogger.com it is free and on your blog you can write anything you want if you have a good English you can start to write articles and news headlines kindly start today it is a career filed and don’t worry if your English is weak then you can write in your language no matter of English , on daily basis you can write anything on blog simply you can share your daily life routine , So  I highly recommend you kindly open your blog today , and if you are thinking how is it possible to write on any topic and earn, So you need to write and market your blog and website , earning is possible on traffic on your website and blog, after writing anything on your article share it on your facebook and whatsapp groups and pages to get extra traffic and you need to upload huge content and when your blog will be older google will publish it on his top searching pages, So start you blog today and after a year you will get result , believe me hundred of those people who work on blog only one week in month and they are generating a handsome amount. So don’t wait start your blog it is very simple and if you want to make your blog or website professional you can invest on your blog by purchasing domain and host. So this is my second recommendation to you. If you have any question about how to start blog or website contact me on my email.


3.  Youtube

                        Youtube is well known video streaming site, as you all know Youtube is very easy to use and it is common use for watching music videos, news videos, tv shoes, live tv, motivational videos, funny videos and much more, but many people don’t know that Youtube provide earning to their channel holders , and make yourtube channel is very easy , but to start earning from Youtube you must have talking power in front of camera and if you don’t have this experience don’t worry there are lots of other fields like discuss on any issue without showing your face, and after uploading videos on Youtube you need to wait because as per policy of Youtube the first one thousand subscribers are required to monetize the Youtube channel ,and you need to work hard before starting a Youtube channel, you must have a HD camera or HD camera support mobile phone and a compute or laptop, to edit your videos and it is not very hard just depend on you how to work, hundreds of peoples are generating huge amount from Youtube. So don’t waste your time start a Youtube channel today . If you want to know how to start a channel than contact me on my email I will provide you complete video detail to how to work step by step.

I hope this article will be a helpful for you and I sure if you work on my this points you will change your life. Thanks for your time best wishes for you.


Have a nice time.

Regards:-   Gul Muneer Dahri (Content writer from Pakistan)

Contact Email:- officialgulmuneer@gmail.com


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