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 Diabetes is common illness in the world; people never perceive how this disease spread in body, increasing of glucose level in blood damage essential part of bodies, Diabetes indentified by high blood sugar level. There are two common types of Diabetes type one is lack of insulin in blood ,by loss of insulin producing beta cells deficiency is caused in pancreas, in children this type of diabetes is found commonly and  usually low and high blood level is type of diabetes.  In type one most diabetes patients required insulin on daily basis. The sign of diabetes disease is urination, weight lose, and constant hunger and the second type of diabetes (Mellitus) is common type and available in most peoples in type 2 people take medicines for improving body reactive to insulin or for reducing the glucose supplied by the liver. Diabetes in men’s effect on decreased sex drive and poor muscle strength and in women symptoms are urinary infections, yeast infection and skin problems. The treatment of diabetes treated by doctors with different medications some of drugs taken by mouth and others are in injections. Insulin is most common treatment for type one diabetes.


   Here is list of type 2 diabetes risks

     ·         If you are overweight

  •   If your age is 45 or older
  •   If you aren’t physically active
  •   If you have high cholesterol, high BP
  •   If your family member have this disease


Here is list for risk pregnancy women’s.

·       If you are overweight

·       If you are over age twenty five years

·       If you had diabetes in past pregnancy

·       If you birth a baby with weight more than nine pounds

·       If you have PCO (Polycystic ovary syndrome)


Here is list for four types of Insulin that are commonly used

·       Rapid acting insulin ( This insulin effect last three to four hours and start work within just fifteen minutes.)

·        Short acting insulin (This insulin start work in thirty minutes and effects six to eight hours)

·       Intermediate acting insulin (This insulin start work in just one and half hours and last twelve to eighteen hours)

·       Long acting insulin (This insulin stars in just few hours and last in only twenty four hours).

Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes origin severe health results and affects body organs, and immoderate glucose in blood damages kidney, skin ailments, blood vessels and others and heart’s blood boat increasing possibility of heart attack. Most Doctors said that Diabetes can be life threatening disease, must adopt healthy lifestyle and medicine to protect you from Diabetes and meet with your doctors and regular checkups and take proper medicine. Eat healthy it is central part to manage diabetes and control on diet.  Healthy foods control your blood sugar and help to lose weight, try to eat small meals use fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, olive oil and nuts.


Preventions of Diabetes

First of all remove sugar and refined Carbs from diet, perform physical activity on regular basis it also help diabetes. Drink water as primary beverage, quit smoking , smoking already cause many serious health conditions including emphysema and caners of lung. Always eat high fiber diet it is beneficial for health and weight management. Optimize Vitamin D , because Vitamin D is important for control blood sugar and drink Coffee and tea it also help you to diet may help to avoid diabetes.

1.    Walk and exercise or cycling at least 150 minutes per week

2.    Trans fats Cut saturated with refined carbohydrates out of diet.

3.    Eat vegetables, gains & more fruits

4.    Eat small portions

5.    Lose weight



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