Coronavirus (COVID-19) on its end


Coronavirus on its End!

COVID-19 deaths surpassed in different states, and new cases are gone down. Scientists are waiting for vaccine for disposal of this disease.


As per updated information about the Coronavirus pandemic by World Health Organization updated on WHO website.

The Coronavirus pandemic’s death toll overall world is 686,703  (as on 3rd August 2020), most of countries restore their markets and businesses and enable a smart lock down with SOPs some countries are still facing a lockdown. Director of NIAID said during fly season remains ‘cautiously optimistic’ that the most of countries have a safe and effective vaccine by the start of 2021.

He also said about United State that US is still ‘knee dee’ in the first wave due to confirmed cases haven’t dropped far enough and long enough to distort the intial outbreak of Covid-19. 

Doctors warned regarding upcoming flu season and requested peoples for taking measures and follow SOPs.

Second Wave of Coronavirus pandemic.

All doctors and scientists have to say about second wave of Corona, including how it might re-attack to the current situation on upcoming winter. There are many chances of growing cases in winter ,as usual in winter cough and flu in a common.

Latest news about Coronavirus Global pandemic.

21 states in some countries are now considered as ‘Red zones’. New cases level is going off in Half states of United States and in other areas actually started down trending.

·   A news from Pakistan Governments Covid-19 portal received that 524 peoples recover from Coronavirus and total number of recoveries are 249,397 in current month. 

·   In the end of the July 2020 Coronavirus cases are surpassed in 4.5 million in US its historical including over 2 million active cases.

·   As per data of compiled by the US based Johns Hopkins University more than 14.7 million COVID-19 cases have been reported worldwide with recoveries exceeding 8.2 Million.

·   Currently US, India, Brazil & Russia are worst-hit countries in the world.


During Coronavirus Oil prices in World.

The Crude Oil prices were down as OPEC and its allies have started to increase their crude production and rising number of novel Coronavirus cases weakens the outlook of global oil demand.

At 0615 GMT crude was trending at $43.80 Per barrel for a 0.79% after closing Monday at $44.15 a barrel.


Up & Down Coronavirus cases.

On 16 july 2020 Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan celebrate victory against Coronavirus pandemic as Covid-19 cases go down in Pakistan, but health experts sceptical about the PMs claim, and warned it is too early to declare victory against the virus in Pakistan, because more than 250,000 people across Pakistan with near 5,500 deaths in Coronavirus.

Most of country had almost fully reopened the lockdown. In United state 90 percent of everyone was under sort of lockdown order and the curve was starting to flatten.

Whenever you look cases dropped in lockdown and orders are issued and shoot back up after restrictions start lifting. It seems to disrupt the trend is how well an area’s population adheres to prevention disease measures like social distances & wearing face masks. Director of CDC said if everybody in US wear a mask right now, in four,six,eight weeks US could bring this epidemic under control.

Why experts are worried about Coronavirus in the fall & winter?

This is big question but science incline towards yes, this is largely based what we know about other viruses in future.

Health Experts have said they predict a big uptick to happened in upcoming fall and winter. All worlds health organizations admitted and preparing for the possibility. And other assumption that the virus would slow down over the summer.

Coronavirus will surge when the seasons change, possibly a second wave of disease that be a bigger than the first.




Four (4) other types of Coronavirus.

Yes there are four other types of Coronavirus which cause by common cold emblems each spread easily in winter, rhinoviruses,influenza are cause the common cold and respiratory syncytial virus have similar behaviors. It maybe seasonal based on other viruses that tend to summit in winter season. Dr Rachel Lowe of London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine told a newspaper that “But the driving manoeuvre are poorly understood and is it meteorological conditions or human behavior”. When body cold all viruses survive outside the body. The (SAGE) UK’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emeergencies says temperature of 4C is sweet spot for Coronavirus. UV light is also less there, and inactivates the virus from sun in winter.


Lockdown in future?

It is possible to avoid a full lockdown but there are conditions, says Health experts.

International Lockdown and the effective suspension of civic and other commercial activity whole countries has shove up a mirror on how our economic social & political systems employ  and beginnings of a global gossip on how they may need to turn. Coronavirus has disclose dizzy substructure on which much of what we take for granted in developed the world is erect from the nature of global supply chains and other infrastructure as well as crisp  contrasts between nationalwise healthcare systems and other private insurances. Like most states wanted to most times to control of lockdown is with them and they will have to deal with emergency situation.

All worlds organizations are together to fight with this disease and we hope we will win very soon.

                                             Have a good time.


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