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Dozens dead and thousands injured in Beirut, in ammonium nitrate blast almost 100 peoples killed in Lebanon’s capital Beirut and more than 3000+ injured on Tuesday.

As we know Lebanon is one of beautiful country in the world and Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebnon more than 1 million to 2.2 million population as per population census 2007,and it is 3rd largest city in the Lavant region and 15th largest in Arab World. A mushroom cloud following the blast at city’s main port videos viral on social media and shows smoke billowing from fire, thereafter officials of Lebanon Government blaming highly explosive materials stored in warehouse from last six years. President of Lebanon Michel posted on twitter that 2750 tones of ammonium nitrate was stored unsafely.

What happened?

Explosion was occurred on 18:00 (15:00 GMT) on Tuesday. Local media showed people hoodwink undermeath rubble. A eye witness of locality explain the explosion as ear-splitting and shocked. An in different videos on social media showed that blast damaged buildings badly and also damaged cars and port was out of action.

All the buildings around the port was breakdown and hospitals were swamp and blast felt 240 kilometers in Labnon and peoples thought it was a earthquake.

                                   Eye witnesses says?

1.      Eye witness namely Ajmar says, When i heard voice of blast I lost my conscious after half hour I wake up and I saw there was fire and peoples were injured and crying no one was there to help and rescue them.

2.     Eye witness namely Hadi told to a news channel that he saw fire but he didn’t know it was a explosion and he lost his hearing because he  was close to port, he said he lost hearing for a few seconds ,he further said glasses of shops stores & buildings were gone down and thereafter peoples were calling each other but none was in his control.

3.     A local News Journalist told that at the evening time huge traffic was available on roads and after blast road were literally covered in glasses and it was very hard for rescue teams to quick rescue. Thereafter Army reached on the port and directed to peoples to stay away from port and there was a chance of second explosion. Sky was fully covered with smoke in evening and the city was black and it was hard to walk around, hundreds peoples were covered in blood, old style houses just fallen down on the streets.



Government’s decisions & actions

·        Lebanon’s Supreme Defense Council said that an investigation is under way to catch the exact precipitate for the explosion and those responsible would face “high punishment”.

·        Lebanon’s President declared three days sorrow period and announced 100 billion pound for emergency fund.

·        Lebanon’s Prime Minister says that its disastrous and strictly action will be taken against culprits.

·        Up to $5 billion worth of damage caused by blast said Beirul’s governor.

·        Lebanon’s health minister Hamad said hundreds of people in Beirut have been reported missing by family members in blast, he also said death toll will far exceed from current estimate.

·        On Wednesday The Lebanese Red Cross said through tweet that it is setting up enough and temporary shelters and food, kits and other basic needs are arranged for thousand plus families in last 72 hours.

·        I make an urgent appeal to friendly and brotherly countries to stand by Lebanon and to help us heal our deep wounds says Lebanon’s prime minister for international help.


International Countries on this stage

1.      Russia Government sending team of doctors and five planes of medicine to Lebnon.

2.     Prime Minister of Pakistan tweeted that “He is worry to hear news regarding blast and he said he is with Labnon’s government in this emergency situation.

3.     Prime Minister of UK tweeted that pics and videos on social media are shocking and he prayed for Lebanon and ready to support in any way.

4.    US Secretary of State also offered assistance in his tweet.

5.    France is ready to send Aid and medical team to Lebanon on current situation.

6.     Foreign minister of Iran also tweeted and ready to assistance and help Lebanon.



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