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AMAZON World’s No.01 Multinational Technology Company.

Amazon is biggest E-commerce, Digital Streaming, Cloud computing, & artificial intelligence company of world and it is considered as one of the big technology company from big four companies, along with Google, Apple & facebook. Amazon is worlds largest online marketplace and also largest internet revenue generate company and it is founded by Jeff Bezos in Bellevue Washington on 05th July 1994 and as online market for sell electronics, software, video games, furniture, apparel, boys, food & jewelry and much more, Amazon Prime surpassed hundred million subscribers worldwide. Amazon also start Prime Video, Amazon Music, Twitch & Audible services for downloads and streaming video, music & audiobooks.

Product & Services,

Amazon’s products are available on its website with huge content including Videotapes, software, Music CD, DVDs & Books, and healthcare and personal care items, scientific supplies, jewelry, lawn and garden items, sporting goods, tools, toys and games and including following services.

·       Amazon Prime

·       Amazon Fresh

·       Amazon Webservices

·       App Store

·       Alexa

·       Amazon Drive

·       Echo

·       Amazon Wireless

·       Amazon firetv

·       Music

·       Video

·       Digital Game


  • Amazon started its first distribution network in 1997 with two centers in Seattle & New Castle, Amazon has several types of distribution facilities with delivery stations and there are 75 fulfillment centers and almost twenty five sortation centers with almost one lac twenty five thousand employees. Some warehouses are automated with systems built by Amazon Robotics. Five basic tasks are setup for employees inspect and upack incoming goods and place in storage and record their location, sorting and packing different orders and shipping it. The key role play by a computer that record the good and location map out routes for pickers.



Amazon Website

  • By year 2008 domain of Amazon attracted almost 615 million visitors annually and Amazon attract over 130 million clients in just US per month by start of year 2016. Amazon invested heavily amount of server capacity for Amazon website, to especially handle traffic during December & Christmas Season and Amazon is 14th most popular website worldwide. Amazon users can submit review on Amazon website, customer can vote and comment on reviews and Amazon was also reported in 2010 as largest single source of internet consumer’s reviews.


Amazon affiliate marketing 

  • Amazon started sales from third party sellers , who will sell products and associates will receive commission only for referring customers to this website through links  and Amazon has over 900,000 affiliate members. Amazon program used by 1.2 percent on all websites and it become 2nd most popular advertising network after Google’s Google Ads and in 2007 Amazon reported 1.3 million sellers sold products. try to find out where your audience is coming from and create strategy and targeted places.



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